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Helloz! I am Zeeshan Khan and my passion for photography is since I was young. I got my first point and shoot camera when I was in school and since then my love for photography took new perspective which made me buy my first DSLR camera, thus changing my hobby into a profession.
I did my MBA and BBA from NU-Fast and took marketing as my majors. I am the official Photographer of Microsoft and have different portfolio under my belt. I also have few years of job experience with private organizations. Being creative and artistic I keep on experimenting with my composition and levels to capture the best possible images and give something novel to the world of clicking!!
I don’t want to stick to a particular type of photography and that’s why I click whatsoever captures my eye.
I am energetic, innovative and love to put smiles on other people’s faces by capturing the moment from the eye of the lens and showing those emotions through my pictures!

To book an appointment with me, please email me or call me on my cell!
Do view my albums, would love to hear about my work from you!!

Love to dream in the breath taking world of photography!! ♥

F-11 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan
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